Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Images from the Web

First...I think The Story of the Three Brothers was the best scene in the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. So I decided to include it here:

Here is a note from the production study:,TheTaleoftheThreeBrothers

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has received double-whammy input from Framestore: not only was the VFX powerhouse asked to take on some of the film's key visual effects, Framestore's shortform commercials know-how was additionally commissioned to create the haunting and delicate 2'40" The Tale of Three Brothers animation sequence. The commercials team was awarded the production on their creative approach to developing visuals and animation techniques as evidenced in their work for the storybook sequence in the 2007 film, The Tale of Despereaux.

Directed by Ben Hibon (A.D., Codehunters, Heavenly Sword), the captivating sequence inspired by oriental shadow puppetry, visually narrates Hermione's story about three wizard brothers who try to outwit Death. Led for Framestore by Dale Newton, the animation is created in sepia tones and its mysterious characters are conveyed through silhouettes and shadows, inspired by traditional eastern puppet theatre. The clip is so beautifully detailed and intricate that it required over six months of work by a team that peaked at 32 Framestore VFX artists.

More on Hibon:

Here is something he did for MTV Asia a couple of years ago:

Then.  Did I mention the awesome illustrations Emily Carroll prepares on her website?  I like the style.  Especially this scene from the first Dune book:

Here is her blog:

And to close, something from Los Perales: pollo.


Kofla Olivieri said...

I never understood people's fascination with Harry Potter. I didn't even liked Lord of the Rings, lol

Beato said...

I haven't mentioned this project, but I think it discusses the fascination and universalness of children's literature:
In my case I like the series not because of the writing skills of JK Rowling, but because it brings the rich folklore or the Arthurian legends and Celtic warriors of my youth to a whole new audience of finicky, short atention spanned youth.
Our greatness strives on innovation and imagination, yet we strangle the kids to always think inside the box and conform.
A good story trascends genres and is universal. This story for instance, is not really about the mages or even death. It is how the humble man realizes that he cannot cheat death, but can adjust it to his terms by accepting it when the time comes.
You could take JK Rowlings version, or buy a $50 signed Paulo Coehlo book to repeat the same mantra.
As always, thanks for stopping by...

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