Thursday, December 31, 2009

Transgender Handwriting + Microbiology

(courtesy of Nikon - James Hayden - Anglerfish Ovary)

First Nikon, now Olympus

Here are some great microscopic photos. Nikon and Olympus sponsor annual microscopic photograhic competitions. I already mentioned Nikon's at . . .
. . .boing boing now linked to the Olympus one:
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Amateur microbiologists, wastewater operators or other lovers of the Lilliputian agents rejoice at the beauty too small for us to see with a naked eye.

Then this an alternate from Nikon

Pseudoscience - Graphology
This article, which I found without looking, is rather interesting because it establishes that gender can be usually be guessed with handwriting. Maybe is because what we are hardwired to do. You hang with girls you get girly handwriting (or something shallow like that). I like writing in block capitals because it is clearer than freehand.

I do understand that transsexuals would like to change their writing to be more 'feminine'. That is the point of their blending. To be fully a woman (or a man), up to the little details of handwriting. Going against what is taught on years of human development. Here is the article:

On this issue I only have a single question. If I was created a woman, trapped inside a man's body shouldn't I be able to write like a woman naturally? I know it is a shallow question. You act like the rest. A Chinese story indicates the story of the king that proved the natural language was Chinese by keeping a new born baby in a cage without contact from the rest of the world (or so he thought) and seeing the language he spoke was Chinese. His story had a flaw, the child must communicate his needs for food and water in the language his keepers would understand, and that language was conveniently, Chinese. If Incans did the test the kid would speak Incan.

Prejudice is a bitch. We put it in all we do, we even create phony science like Graphology or Phrenology ( to predict people's behavior.

Here is an article against graphology:

Anyway, here is the article's suggestion to write more femininely:

The best general advice is to slow down while writing. Here are 25 other helpful suggestions:

    1. Stay relaxed!
    2. Don’t grip the writing instrument too tightly.
    3. Don’t press too hard.
    4. Always have a pad of paper, blotter, or other flat surface under the paper. Do not write with a sheet of paper directly on a desk surface.
    5. Write from the wrist or elbow instead of the fingers.
    6. Don’t use fine point pens or mechanical pencils.
    7. Use a medium ball point pen, felt tip marker, or fountain pen with a medium to heavy nib.
    8. Consistency is key—all letters should be uniform in shape and size.
    9. All letters should have the same slight amount of slanting.
    10. Write more slowly than you usually do.
    11. Write a little larger than you usually do.
    12. Space your letters out a bit more.
    13. Avoid sharp angles.
    14. Think smooth, not spiky.
    15. Use slightly curved instead of straight lines.
    16. Make arched letters convex, not concave.
    17. Make letters with circles more open and loopy.
    18. Don't lift your pen off the page when forming a letter, except for t and x, and when dotting your i and j.
    19. Use a very tiny circle to dot any i or j and for commas, periods, exclamation points, and question marks.
    20. Add slight flourishes to all letters with tails.
    21. Add a slight hook to all letters that end on a downstroke.
    22. Double back more on letters that require that movement.
    23. Printing instead of using cursive may be easier.
    24. Don’t use block capitals.
    25. Don’t exchange any letters that should be lowercase for capitals.
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