Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[400] In a State of Meh

Had an excellent Memorial Day weekend by visiting relatives on both sides of the family and taking a break from the usual turmoil of the past few months.  I keep ignoring how our leaders continue in denial and trying to do business as usual.  I keep getting sick of nobody seeing how this problems relate to them.  As long as I receive a check and they don't touch my interests there is no problem.
So I am in a state of meh.

A similar state that happened when I initially divorced Mildred.
I was so busy doing so many things that I never really had a chance to grieve the negative turn of events.  But I moved on.

Those interested on divorce related issues can check previous installments of the Alcantarilla:

Some photos explaining recent events:

[1] I always liked the background paintings on Parks and Recreation.  This mural depicts the first interracial marriage of Pawnee IN.  Followed by the bloody confontation of indians and settlers...Just a good correlation on all the flak I keep receiving on taking Mildred back home.  Of course, I am not to happy about it but it is the closest I could do to have my son near me.

[2] The Jean and Scott strip by Max Wittert (excerpts here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/kevintang/the-best-comics-about-jean-grey-doing-whatever-the-hell-she#.fb8A03OyD) pretty much summarizes the chemistry between annoying me and codependent her.
[3] Polarizing Press
Primero la doctora Ortiz era una clasista que debia ser despedida.  Un demonio.
Luego muere por un fallo renal y de repente quien es el culpable?
es mas...era un angel
prensa de mierda...

[4] Dorado WWTP... The Improvements...Well, they remain on the air...Now without AAA funding...
[5] recien ponderaba los sacrificios que tendre que hacer para mantener el carro ante la ola de gastos e incertidumbre que nos espera.  Aunque tengo fe en mi y en que lograremos prevalecer despues de esta etapa de negacion no puedo olvidar esta nota:

So in summary all this speculation keeps me in a state of meh.  Checking what to cut and to do to manage my cashless self.  Churn out

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[399] Ghetto Tarot and the Francophile In Me

Just an intriguing project... Just to show I still exist.  Busy as heck! But striving...
I am crazy to have my son taking French next year...That way I can support him and his group to do a great french based act and proper video references...Like this Tarot Card Project that was based on the Rider Waite Tarot and photograhed using local resources for several years in the slums of Haiti.




The french so I can start some belgian comics, Moebius, Tardi and a rabbis cat...

Friday, May 1, 2015

[398] Otra Vez Fria

Cuando uno planifica las cosas de una manera y las circunstancias dictan otras.  Realmente tenia deseos de participar en la convocatoria de Star Wars de Mondo Bizarro con una pieza entre William y yo pero no se pudo dar.
Ayer hubo otro drink and draw y un bazar en Rio Piedras y tampoco pude ir porque tenia una reunion importante.  Tenia varias cosas el 5 por o que tampoco voy a poder llegar a la exhibicion.
El deber interfiere en demasiadas cosas.  Y tambien todas las actividades las decidieron reunir en las primeras dos semanas de mayo.
Fin del rant.
Lo que queria era decir algo positivo.
Subi dos videos en youtube relacionados al talent show del colegio santa rosa de la semana pasada.  Incluyo la cancion de william y un baile de uno de los grupos.  Los dejo aqui...
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