Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[400] In a State of Meh

Had an excellent Memorial Day weekend by visiting relatives on both sides of the family and taking a break from the usual turmoil of the past few months.  I keep ignoring how our leaders continue in denial and trying to do business as usual.  I keep getting sick of nobody seeing how this problems relate to them.  As long as I receive a check and they don't touch my interests there is no problem.
So I am in a state of meh.

A similar state that happened when I initially divorced Mildred.
I was so busy doing so many things that I never really had a chance to grieve the negative turn of events.  But I moved on.

Those interested on divorce related issues can check previous installments of the Alcantarilla:

Some photos explaining recent events:

[1] I always liked the background paintings on Parks and Recreation.  This mural depicts the first interracial marriage of Pawnee IN.  Followed by the bloody confontation of indians and settlers...Just a good correlation on all the flak I keep receiving on taking Mildred back home.  Of course, I am not to happy about it but it is the closest I could do to have my son near me.

[2] The Jean and Scott strip by Max Wittert (excerpts here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/kevintang/the-best-comics-about-jean-grey-doing-whatever-the-hell-she#.fb8A03OyD) pretty much summarizes the chemistry between annoying me and codependent her.
[3] Polarizing Press
Primero la doctora Ortiz era una clasista que debia ser despedida.  Un demonio.
Luego muere por un fallo renal y de repente quien es el culpable?
es mas...era un angel
prensa de mierda...

[4] Dorado WWTP... The Improvements...Well, they remain on the air...Now without AAA funding...
[5] recien ponderaba los sacrificios que tendre que hacer para mantener el carro ante la ola de gastos e incertidumbre que nos espera.  Aunque tengo fe en mi y en que lograremos prevalecer despues de esta etapa de negacion no puedo olvidar esta nota:

So in summary all this speculation keeps me in a state of meh.  Checking what to cut and to do to manage my cashless self.  Churn out

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