Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Stuff

Have been very busy these last few weeks. Therefore I have not been able to post anything new, except the ocassional youtube video on Facebook. Here some interesting finds I have stumbled upon the Web:

# 1 - Stray Bullets


Someone posted the first four issues of this polemic comic at the above listed site. A very pessimistic view of life and with issues that criticize many evils of our society. Reminded me of Visual Arts Bookstore in Condado.

# 2 Nineteenth Century China Tradition


These short stories presented by Chinese Gatewway provide insight to Chinese Culture on the Nineteenth Century with Dianshizhai Pictorials. These images presented a history or a moral (a dated moral analogous to Victorian England morality).

These vignettes reminded me of Rafael's Tufi/no's excellent series of serigraphy's of the Plena in Puerto Rico. Don't know Tufi/no, here are some of his most known works (Note: AutoPlay Music) including Cortaron a Elena.


#3 - Alternate View of the Water Crisis (Non Crisis)

Everyone gives as a fact that the water will not be available within 20 years and compares water to a fossil fuel. Water cannot be unavailable given the large amount of it, and the effect caused by the water cycle, where seawater is recycled by evaporation and rain. The actual problem is of infrastructure or making the water available at hard to reach areas. These areas are reserved for the poor and helpless, that are always exploited in these issues.

I may not agree with all the points of the writer but he hits hard on the real issues behind the water. Corruption and Unaccounted Water Losses (sounds familiar to PRASA?). Reuse and proper treatment of residual water is critical. That is why a good sewer system is required. Puerto Rico has the opportunity to enter into this market if we switch from primary discharge regional wastewater plants and enter the advanced treatment with nutrient removal systems. This will be discussed on further issues of the Alcantarilla.

Here is the original article, check the presentation and the comments made in favor and against the speaker.


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