Monday, January 18, 2010

Why No Ping? Things Left Behind in my Inbox

For some reason some of my posts are not dated correctly. No big deal, here is an update on some of them:
Where Die Hard, Israeli Militia and Geologists warnings collide.

Major Retailers Junking Good Clothing
This is new...but kind of dated.
When stores dispose of surplus like that, without giving a chance of the poor to reach the items is just sad. Shows how much we have and how little we care about it. Same thing happens to our rice, pineapples, coffee and surplus food from WIC programs.

Government Sponsored Comics,1
Mileage may vary but has interesting contributions by famous comix artists. Plus is goverment.

Nice Infographics for Broke Persons (Like Myself)
credit card hell lons student
Population myth

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