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Modest Mouse, Moby Dick y BP

Interesante analogia. Comparar el desastre BP con Moby Dick. Donde Ahab es BP...Les incluyo el link de la discusion original debajo.. By the way estoy internalizando todavia el articulo de Rolling Stone sobre BP (

In the weeks since the rig explosion, parallels between that disaster and the proto-Modernist one imagined by Melville more than a century and a half ago have sometimes been striking — and painfully illuminating as the spill becomes a daily reminder of the limitations, even now, of man’s ability to harness nature for his needs. The novel has served over the years as a remarkably resilient metaphor for everything from atomic power to the invasion of Iraq to the decline of the white race (this from D. H. Lawrence, who helped revive Melville’s reputation). Now, 50 miles off the Louisiana coast, its themes of hubris, destructiveness and relentless pursuit are as telling as ever.

The British petroleum giant BP, which leased the Deepwater Horizon to drill the well, has naturally been cast in the Ahab role, most recently on one of Al Jazeera’s blogs by Nick Spicer, who compared the whaler’s maniacal mission to the dangers of greed, “not just to a man such as Captain Ahab, but to all his crew and to the whole society that supports their round-the-world quest for oil.”

Andrew Delbanco, the director of Columbia University’s American studies program and the author of “Melville: His World and Work,” said, “It’s irresistible to make the analogy between the relentless hunt for whale oil in Melville’s day and for petroleum in ours.” Melville’s story “is certainly, among many other things, a cautionary tale about the terrible cost of exploiting nature for human wants,” he said. “It’s a story about self-destruction visited upon the destroyer — and the apocalyptic vision at the end seems eerily pertinent to today.”

Whaling was the petroleum industry of its day in the 18th and 19th centuries, with hundreds of ships plying the oceans in search of the oil that could be rendered from the world’s largest mammals. The 40-ton bodies of sperm whales could yield dozens of barrels, some derived from blubber and the rest, the most precious kind, spermaceti, from the whale’s head. The oil burned in millions of lamps, served as a machine lubricant and was processed into candles distinguished by their clear, bright flame, with little smoke or odor. In addition, whalebones could be used to stiffen corsets, skin could be cured for leather, and ambergris, the aromatic digestive substance, could be incorporated into perfumes. New England ports, the Houstons of their era, and fortunes were built with whale oil money.

Me vino a la mente este video de King Rat por Modest Mouse. El video es cruel. Y fue dirigido por Heath Ledger, antes de su suicidio y ganar fama con The Dark Night. Video y letra debajo.

King Rat - Modest Mouse

We spun like birds on fire
Right down towards the residence, and I
I took all that I desired
Even crooks have to pay the rent
We swam like rats on fire
Right, right down the reservoir
We took all that we could carry
But we tried to carry more

And you know, you know, you know it all went wrong
And you know, you know, you know it was all wrong

We choked on street tap water
Well, I'm going to have to try the real thing
I took your laugh by the collar
And it knew not to swing
Any time I tried an honest job
Well, the till had a hole and ha-ha
We laughed about paying rent
Because the county jails, they're free

And you know, you know, you know it all went wrong
And you know, you know, you know it was all wrong

Deep water, deep water
Senseless denial
I went down like a rag doll as you would, child
Deep water, deep water
Senseless denial
I went down like a rag doll as you would, child

Oh, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me again.
I said it looks like I've got to use my feet again
Well I just spent my last one hundred dollars
God, I'll pay my bill again

Oh, I don't care
Oh, how I just don't care

Deep water, deep water
Senseless denial
I went down like a rag doll, shooken and shy
Deep water, deep water
Senseless denial
I went down like a rag doll rat of a child

Well, King Rat has me on his list again
I can never be on the fence again
I found out it's all loud
Open like an organ and it
Talk, talk, talk, talk again
He promised me that when I cheated him
But I could open my eye, well
Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky
Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me again

Deep water, deep water
This senseless denial
I got fed like a fish, full of open smiles
Blue water, deep water
Oh, senseless denial
I got fed like a fish on the cardboard smiles

Well, well
What do you have to say for yourself?
I said, well, well
I said well, well, well, well!

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me again
I hardly knew I should use my feet again
What do you have to say for yourself?
What do you have to say for yourself?

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Kofla Olivieri said...

Where do you find this stuff? lol Fascinating video! The oil drilling and hunt for oil is is going to continue regardless of safety issues. It is the reason why we are in the middle east war, and despite what our government says about Afghanistan, it is all about protecting the oil pipeline that crosses Afghanistan to Pakistan. Bottom line, in the eyes of multibillion dollar corporations, people and the environment are expendable.

antigonum cajan said...

Que jodidos estamos.

Como va el mundo i nojotroh aki, viendolo, mirandolo, escuchandolo, compartiendolo con quien tenga el deseo,los cojones de atreverse.

Pero me temo que nos quedaremos
solos, ciega, muerta o en coma la solidaridad.

Gracias por esta joya.

Beato said...

Escribi y referencie esto antes de estar envuelto en las actividades de remediacion. He escrito varios articulos desde entonces. Los mas interesantes enfocan en responsabilidad corporativa.
Los mas preocupantes enfocan en el abuso de dispersantes y el impacto dd un golfo que ya estaba previamrnte impzctado seriamente.
Pensamos que son eventos aislados pero todo ata.
Reanudare escribiendo argiculos jna vez acabe varias misas sueltas que resuelvo a la vez que hzgo mi residencia en barceloneta.
By the way tumbamos entre 3 la bahuinia con varias extensiones, rscaleras y una sierra de cadena. Un regalo de mi tia. Luego posteo fotos...

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