Monday, September 21, 2009

SOLO = Alone

People have been complaining about the recent trend of changing signage to English in several municipalities. Classic examples are Guaynabo or Guayama (Scratchmore). The photo was made in Photoshop but circulated everywhere as true.
This trend is pointless. Signs need to be clear to everyone driving. If something standard is desired it should follow at least the US Federal Standards:
or at least the European standards
Both options reduce the verbosity of the signs and create a consistent model for the roads. At one point Fas Alzamora proposed installing three language signs all over the airport. However a road sign is not to be read, it is to be recognized.
Reading a sign is worse than driving while texting on a cell phone!
Point is, take out the politics out of road signs and have a consistent policy so we are not changing road signs whenever a new administration comes in.
On the issue of verbosity I include an excellent note on the use of typography for reports and presentations. Hope you find it useful!

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