Monday, September 21, 2009

The Watermill at Dorado

I was thinking about the hotels in Dorado the other day. After all I worked there for around 4 years. One of my jobs was to supervise the pool system. Currently the Dorado Beach hotels are a sham of their former selves, although the remodelling of Dorado Beach continues while Cerromar is a ghost hotel that only has activities on Hacienda del Mar and the River Pool.

Then I was reminded of the construction of the Cerromar Clubhouse and the new pool. A few months ago I stumbled upon the following image:

This pool is actually a larger, more modern design than that of Cerromar. However it is prohibitely expensive as seen on the Dorado Beach website.

Will the same thing happen at the Riviera. Where are the inexpensive pools and hangouts for kids now?

Sometimes it makes me wonder... How are Puerto Rico controlled sites like Roosevelt Roads maintained? I found the answer today while I was at a client's office in Isla Grande. Abandoned buildings and deteriorated infrastructure denotes NOT MUCH.
However we must still think positive and hope that some day the goverment (whatever the color) will stop their petty differences and start thinking about the future of our people.

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