Thursday, September 24, 2009

Music has to Change to Remain Alive

This post was inspired by the following image I stumbled upon the other day

The image is from an old Merrie melody cartoon that they used to play all the time on TV. The song was I Like to Singa and it was a very catchy jazz song. The lesson to be learned was that you cannot choose the path for your kids. In their case if you are a singer, you don't have to follow the same path as your parents.

This principle applies to music. Music cannot remain static, there is always a different way to approach it. You may (or may not) like it but the evolution will happen anyway. Therefore I decided to link some jazzy videos that include tropical and old salsa videos from the master himself, Maelo.

Right now the fever is reggaeton (which I hate in its original form) but at least the latest singers are entering into a more mellow stage with more flow to the music. Who knows?, I am even beginning to like some of the new stuff.

Anyway enjoy the links below:

Lucas - Lucas with the Lid Off

US3 - Cantaloop

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

Ismael Rivera - Las Caras Lindas

Ismael Rivera - El Nazareno

and finally I just had to include the link to the cartoon...

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