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Inception y Ciencia Ficcion Latinoamericana

Entro a la normalidad. Tras dos semanas de volver a casa fui a ver Inception, a insistencia de mi esposa (Y DE MI HIJO de 11 a/nos!!!). Excelente pelicula, en el trama de la pelicula el tema es el robo de ideas desde un sue/no o el dilema moral de sembrar ideas en el subconsciente.

Por alguna razon, la traduccion al espa/nol de la pelicula es El Origen. No se, llamarle El Hombre Que Sembraba Vientos y Cosecho Tempestades no hubiese hecho sentido.... Peliculas de sue/nos, psiquis y ciencia ficcion me fascinan. Ya saben de mi obsesion con Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas, Matrix, 13th Floor y otras peliculas que tratan de este mismo tema.
Sin embargo, esta tiene la diferencia de tener cierta viabilidad de ocurrir. Con peque/nas modificaciones tecnologicas de aqui a 10 a/nos. Matrix, donde los humanos somo cabezas de cobre (Baterias Duracell) que duermen, no se ve muy real. Para no dar mas spoilers les incluyo varios articulos rese/nando la pelicula aqui:,_resena_critica_de_alberto_posso_gomez.html

Hollywood ha tratado de crear peliculas basadas en los grandes autores suramericanos como Borges, Saramago y Bioy Caseres. Esta pelicula en particular me recordaba La Invencion de Morell. Donde los personajes ganan su inmortalidad al estar grabados, aunque hayan muerto. Las memorias, son software. Nuestra personalidad esta definida por nuestros recuerdos.
Algo de invencion de morell aqui:

Y de Blindness y el Ensayo Sobre La Ceguera aqui:

Cortos de Inception MASHUP

Sobre como las memorias nos definen me acordaron de este episodio de Aeon Flux...

6. Reraizure (September 12, 1995)


After a Monican agent is captured, Æon, disguised as a Breen soldier, infiltrates the prison where he's being kept.


Æon comes upon a young woman (later named as Muriel) trying to escape (strangely enough with Trevor Goodchild's help). Muriel mistakes Æon for an e

nemy soldier and attacks her. Æon kills her by accident. When the woman's partner drives up out front of the building, she gets inside in hopes of alleviating her guilt. The man inside was Muriel's boyfriend Rordy. He is stricken by his lover's death. When Æon tries to comfort him, they end up sleeping together. The next morning he tells Æon of his plan. Years ago he and a young woman took a drug called Bliss together. The terrible si

de effect was that they lost their memories. Not knowing who they were or why they knew each other, they formed a bond. The drug Bliss is only created by a small turtle-like creature called a Narghile. In a pouch on its back it forms, pearl-like, the pellet which can be easily consumed. Since the Narghile cannot be killed for some reason, Rordy planned with his ex-lover to collect them all and blast them into the sun on a rocket platform, forcin

g their extinction in revenge. They were getting down to collecting the last few, but it seems their dream was crushed by fate. Æon, who is touched by the story, and has fallen more than just a little for Rordy, promises to help him finish his mission. With Narghiles in tow, she climbs a sheer cable up to the rocket platform, suspended miles up in the air. Expecting to find thousands of jars filled with the Narghiles on the platform, she merely finds a few

empty jars, and oddly enough, Trevor Goodchild. Seeing as they are both wearing bulky protective air suits, Trevor doesn't recognize Æon, thinking her to be the now dead girlfriend. He connects the tube from his air suit to hers and by having the air forced back and forth through the tubes they have a bizarre form of non-contact sex, forcing Æon to orgasm. During this strange exchange, Trevor confesses to his newest evil: He and the now-dead woman were lovers and they both led Rordy on his wild goose chase quest so that

Trevor could gain control of the Narghiles. The woman gave Trevor all of them, in a fantastic act of betrayal. Æon reveals herself by attacking Trevor, but Trevor escapes. When she tells Rordy (who's never actually seen the platform for himself), he reacts violently, unable to believe this. While Æon goes after Trevor, Rordy climbs to the platform and finds the proof of his girlfriend's betrayal. Shattered, he blasts the platform away and awaits Æon back at his home. She arrives finding him in a bathtub, memories completely erased by another Bliss pill he took, a sort of mental suicide. As he tries to figure out who she is, she flees the house, leaving one of the few men she may have ever loved.

En fin, la pelicula pone uno a pensar. Creo que ma/nana ire mas light, algo como Scott Pilgrim vs the World...

Contra, como pude dejar fuera esta excelende discusion de Geek Feed.

Scrooge McDuck and The Inception Incident

Luckily, all of you should’ve seen Inception by now. If you haven’t, you have to choices: run to the nearest movie theater, or skip to the next article. I haven’t been this excited and satisfied over a movie since Star Trek and (500) Days of Summer.

Anyway, to my surprise, some clever soul on the Internets found an old Uncle Scrooge comic book that apparently has way too many similarities with the movie.

y otra mas vieja de Vortice On Line

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Kofla Olivieri said...

Aunque no me gusta Leonardo Dicaprio como actor, esa pelicula esta en la lista de las que pienso ver.

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