Saturday, October 16, 2010

views of dorado

I just ran across this interesting thread. it focuses on the development of Dorado, the master planning of the city and some info on the new Ritz Carlton construction at Dorado Beach. Interesting read, nice pics. I don't publish any here because they are hosted at another site...

I'd add my two cents, but I think this davisoto or whatever his name is seems to know the turf better than I did after working in the hotel properties and developeing communities of Paseos and Dorado Beach East for around 5 years.

I'll definitely be returning here often. The guy seems to enjoy photographing everything.

Anyway, I'll bet he doesn't know about my first child...the Cerromar WWTP:

I'll always have a special bond with both hotels. Many good friends still wander there. I'll hope it gains its lost's to hope, from Ritz Carlton's side (check for Rit Carlton Dorado Beach):

and the masterminds of this new dorado: Prisa Group (warning:annoying flash based webpage)

finally, some speculative fiction based on master plans for bayamon and dorado:

Antigonum!!! you just got to love those lush gardens. a pity they are all gray.

Comment aside. What is this obsession of the mayor of Bayamon with the darned vesica pisces???

However it still beats the lasertron proposed for the Caracol shore of Dorado...

Even with all the steel and concrete those old shrimp rearing lagoons from Eureka marine will still smell of fish and crap.

Blogger's interface is crappy. No pictures today kids...[bah, problem is mozilla... I'll add a video.]

Just because I finished reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels today...By the way, the producer of the video is the one that made the designs for the Scott Pilgrim brawler game for PS3 and 360. I'll have to wait until they make a PSP version to play with my son...looks fun.


Kofla Olivieri said...

Too many links to follow, lol I have to admit, Dorado is one of the few cities I only visited once.

antigonum cajan said...

I thought the brick/cinder block industry was dead, like the dead horse.

When will someone come with something other than building?

When the whole island look like the over built coasts of Spain?

More congestion, pollution, water waste, roads, noise.

What about something else?

antigonum cajan said...

I am back. Could not help to put my boulder of salt.

Bayamon. Have you noticed that H U G E M O N S T E R twisted metal, in the GUINNESS i believe 'sculpture'?
Is he into recycling scrap metal, therefore the SIZE?

I tell you juat. I could improve that piece of shit with some of my eight vines. Flowers, fragrance and aesthetically correct to enhance that metal gigantic turd. Birds, reptiles, butterflies and other insects could enjoy it.

I got tired I will be back..

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