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[199] Un Poco de Transhumanismo

Sigo en churn mode.  Mucho trabajo, seminario y cuadrando la separacion.  Me he puesto a ver peliculas estos dias.  Uno de esos temas es ciencia ficcion y me apasionan peliculas con mensajes contra manipulacion genetica, tales como Gattaca o mas recientemente Adjustment Bureau.

A veces les dejo links escondidos dentro de articulos que crean infinidad de discusiones que se quedaron fuera.  Como ejemplo, el tema de hoy, transhumanismo.  Transcender la humanidad para ser un cyborg con prodigios sobrehumanos.  Parece que a Hollywood le gusta el tema, al resucitar la manipulacion genetica en Capitan America o en la mas reciente Planet of the Apes.

Comence este articulo mencionando la eugenesia para buscar la Superraza con los nazis en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.  Les deje este peque/no articulo conspirador del NWO y la manipulacion de medios.  Tipica paranoia illuminati...pero entretiene.  Eso ata al tema de hoy.

Donde se ilustra detalladamente las tecnicas de lavado de cerebro que inconscientemente nos han hecho para vender discos, el combo que comemos, a que iglesia vamos o hasta para ser un militante al estilo de un boot camp de los Marines.  Les dejo el cierre aqui debajo:

The Tip of the Iceberg

I have just touched the tip of the iceberg. When you start to combine subliminal messages behind the music, subliminal visuals projected on the screen, hypnotically produced visual effects, sustained musical beats at a trance-inducing pace, you are talking conversion -- brainwashing. Every hour that you spend watching TV you become more conditioned. In case you thought there was a law against any of these things, guess again. There isn't. There are a lot of powerful people out there who probably have plans for you?

Mensajes subliminales en la musica y las imagenes visuales de la television.  O sea, nos dicen que pensar.  Bueno, siguiendo esta teoria de conspiracion encontre este interesante articulo sobre los mensajes subliminales en el hip hop, usando como modelo IMMABEE de Black Eyed Peas:

The Black Eyed Peas “Imma Be / Rock that Body” video is a masterpiece of high tech computer-generated imagery and state of the art digital music production. It is also one of the most blatant examples of Psychological Warfare and deception that I have ever seen in modern mass media. This article will discuss
1) What Transhumanism actually is.
2) The massive use of Psychological Warfare techniques in this video and all forms of mass media.
3) Analysis of the video, itself – to show you how these psychological concepts, the occult and Transhumanist symbolism and the deceptive storyline are integrated in this video to promote the dangerous agenda of the cult known as Transhumanism.

...el articulo entonces procede a relacionar el Transhumanismo al movimiento de Eugenesia (Eugenics) de mi articulo previo.  Sacar de carrera a los debiles o ancianos para crear una superraza.  Aqui mas:

So, because the Nazi atrocities became so widely known, the ideas of Eugenics went underground for awhile. But the original ideas and goals of “improving the species” and “improving human genetic qualities” are still front and center, albeit in a more subtle and glamorous package now. They try to avoid discussing those embarrassing ideas, like how to keep the undesirable races from breeding so much.
The modern mutation of Transhumanism claims to only support “voluntary eugenics“, which sounds much more benevolent than mandatory sterilization and euthanasia of undesirable humans, doesn’t it? But, if you have any sense at all, you will probably realize that this ethnic cleansing of the gene pool (“improving the species” and “improving human genetic qualities”) simply cannot and will not ever happen if it is voluntary.
We should all understand that ideas such as “voluntary eugenics” will not be voluntary anymore, if and when the people who believe in these radical ideas get political and financial power. In fact, they already do have substantial wealth and power, and are working very hard to impose this Transhumanist agenda on our world – whether we like it or not.

Aqui les dejo algo del esoterismo de otros de sus videos.  No se que es mas increible: el analisis detallado de Vigilant Citizen o el hecho de que los productores de video hayan puesto tanto material oculto en un simple video...

Cabala?, Bodas Alquimicas?, Illuminati?  Definitivamente, demasiado de mucho analisis.

Bueno, mi articulo iba a enfocar en el transhumanismo.  Cuando por avances tecnologicos se lograra una sociedad unificada con mente de panal de abejas...Donde somos piezas de una maquina.  Donde solo el colectivo importa.  Introduccion aqui:

El concepto es que tecnologicamente la humanidad hace grandes descubrimientos y que eventualmente trascenderemos nuestra humanidad al llegar a una singularidad...

Puntos en contra de la teoria de la conspiracion:

Los Religiosos protegen sus franquicias:

Los catolicos lo ven como un dilema etico.  Jugar a Dios, sin medir las consecuencias:

They Think We're the Enemy
So far, except for the issue of genetics and eugenics, surprisingly many of the advancements in modern medicine and technology are compatible with Catholicism. Unfortunately, many of their more radical proponents don't feel the same way. In fact, several notable and opinion-leading transhumanists are strongly anti-Christian.
For example, prominent transhumanist William Sims Bainbridge, the author of more than 15 books and numerous magazine and journal articles, opens an article with the following abstract: "Cognitive science immediately threatens religious faith in two ways, by explaining away religion as an error resulting from accidents in the evolutionary history of the human nervous system, and by failing to find evidence that humans possess souls. Over the coming decades, information technology may undercut people's need for religion by offering practical forms of cyberimmortality (CI). The plausibility of religion may also be eroded by the coming unification of science and the associated convergence of [new] technologies."
Even more troubling is language on the Web site for the Future Technologies Advisory Group (, a transhumanist organization specializing in consulting and media: "While one of the objectives of the firm will be facilitating the penetration of transhumanist ideas in mainstream business and policy, we will not use the T word or insist on the transhumanist worldview too explicitly. Rather, we will focus on delivering practical advice appropriate to the intended audience." The willingness expressed here to dissemble their true intentions is disconcerting.
And yet there must be open and honest dialogue on these issues. "We are moving way beyond these old challenges to human life," argues Cameron, who says we need to change our focus of attention. We need to "ask the right questions" and work toward finding ethical answers -- answers consistent with the Catholic moral tradition -- before the future arrives.
Lines of communication need to be opened between Christian bioethicists and transhumanists. Cameron, for example, calls Kurzweil "a man of genius" and "no mere academic theorist," while Kurzweil makes the surprising statement that through human-driven evolution, people can "grow exponentially in intelligence, knowledge, creativity, beauty, and love, all of the qualities people ascribe to God without limit," implying that "we can view evolution as a spiritual process, moving ever closer to this ideal." Men of this intellectual stature need forums in which they can communicate with each other. (To be fair, Cameron is already in contact with WTA president Nick Bostrom and others, but he's one of the only pro-life leaders doing so.)
Bloch writes that when transhumanist goals have been achieved, "Many of humanity's ills will be eliminated. I find that sufficient comfort in the continuing march from lives which are nasty, brutal, and short to those which are not quite as nasty, not as brutal, and hopefully longer." Statements like this illustrate that many in this movement simply want a better future -- an excellent starting point for dialogue.
Catholic journalists need to be aware of the underlying agendas in some of these scientific movements (, co-edited by Eppinette, is an excellent source for keeping up-to-date). Pro-life politicians and lobbying groups need to stay attuned to scientific progress to know which technologies to support, which to oppose, and which to treat with a laissez-faire attitude of benign neglect. (A good starting point is the 2003 government report "Beyond Therapy: Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Happiness," available at And bioethicists need to start asking the right questions.
Eppinette advises us that, "for people of faith, and Christians in particular, we know that technology is not to be our God, and technology is most definitely not our Savior. Each of us has to examine the role of technology in our own lives, and how it squares with what we consider to be most important in life. This does not mean that we become luddites, rejecting new forms of technology. What it means is that we carefully consider how technology fits into our lives, whether it helps or hinders the goals we've set for ourselves" -- which, he adds, may involve taking a closer look at those very goals.
New technologies always bring new ethical dilemmas. We can't afford to be unaware of the challenges facing us today. The future is almost here.
Pero entonces es hora del reality check.  En realidad falta mucho tiempo para llegar a esa singularidad, como bien se discute aqui:

Needless to say, creating such a society foresees the destruction of human exceptionalism, which transhumanists disdain as limiting their genetic recreationist (in Leon Kass’s words) ambitions and establishing behavioral norms. Thus, being human in a transhumanist world would be morally irrelevant. Rather, Munkittrick writes, “Rights discourse will shift to personhood instead of common humanity.”
In such a world, the value of human life would cease to be intrinsic, but would become relative. “Animals (including humans),” he writes—deploying yet another human-diminishing sentiment—”will be granted rights based on varying degrees of personhood . . . When African grey parrots, gorillas, and dolphins have the same rights as a human toddler, a transhuman friendly rights system will be in place.” Indeed.
Transhumanism is a long way from being attained, and the world Munkittrick envisions will almost surely never come fully into being. But that doesn’t mean we won’t become crassly transhumanist in our personal and societal values. If we are going to preserve a culture founded on the Judeo/Christian ideal of equal human dignity and the obligation for individual behavioral restraint, transhumanism must be resisted intellectually and rejected, both in our public policies and the ways in which we lead our personal lives.

No esperen conclusiones de esto.  Solo presente links.  En realidad solo me preocupo por mi presente.  Yo y mis circunstancias en este momento.  En un pais que quedo a nivel tercermundista por una tormenta tropical, donde no hay comida o combustible para mantenernos a todos y en medio de una recesion terrible a nivel mundial no creo que estemos cerca de tener esa elite robotizada dirigiendo nuestras vidas.

Sere negativo pero entiendo que a la larga nos comeremos unos a los otros por los rabos en un estado tercermundista.  Algo como Haiti, algo como Nueva Orleans cuando cedieron los muros de contencion.  Como quiera, los ingenieros siempre vamos al cielo, asi esta escrito...

Se murió un ingeniero y se fue a las puertas del Cielo. Sabido es que los ingenieros por su honestidad siempre van al cielo. San Pedro buscó en su archivo, pero últimamente andaba un poco desorganizado y no lo encontró en la maraña de papeles, así que le dijo:
- "Lo lamento, no estás en listas...".

De modo que el ingeniero se fue a la puerta del infierno y le dieron albergue y alojamiento inmediatamente. Poco tiempo pasó y el ingeniero se cansó de padecer las miserias del infierno, y se puso a diseñar y construir mejoras. Con el paso del tiempo, ya tenían ISO 9000, sistema de monitoreo de cenizas, aire acondicionado, inodoros con drenaje, escaleras eléctricas, equipos electrónicos, redes de telecomunicaciones, programas de mantenimiento predictivo, sistemas de control visual, sistemas de detección de incendios, termostatos digitales, etc., etc., etc. ... y el "Inge" se hizo de muy buena reputación.

Un día Dios llamó al Diablo por teléfono y con tono de sospecha le preguntó:
- "¿Y que..... cómo estáis por allí en el infierno?"
- "¡¡Estamos a todo trapo!!! Tenemos ISO 9000, sistema de monitoreo de cenizas, aire acondicionado, inodoros con drenaje, escaleras eléctricas, equipos electrónicos, Internet, etc. Oye, apúntate mi dirección de mail, es: Y no sé cuál será la próxima sorpresa del ingeniero.
- "¿Qué?, ¡¿QUÉ?!. ¿Tenéis un ingeniero allí?? Eso es un error, nunca debió haber llegado ahí un ingeniero. Los ingenieros siempre van al cielo, eso está escrito y resuelto ya. ¡Me lo mandas inmediatamente!".
- "¡Ni loco!. Me gusta tener un ingeniero en la organización... y me voy a quedar con él eternamente".
- "Mándamelo o...... ¡¡TE DEMANDARÉ!!...".
- Y el Diablo, con la vista nublada por la tremenda carcajada que soltó, le contestó a Dios:
- "Ah Sí?? ......y por curiosidad... ¿DE DÓNDE VAS A SACAR UN ABOGADO?".

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