Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[218] Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Churning.  Les dejo par de videos de Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. 
Tropece con un CD viejo de ellos los otros dias.

In the US the first single to be released from the album was Talk About The Blues on 6 October 1998. This song was recorded during a session with Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic, Olympia, Washington. Most of the other tracks recorded at this time would be released in 1999 as the collaborative album Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in a Dancehall Style!.

The music video, directed by Evan Bernard, features Winona Ryder, Giovanni Ribisi and John C. Reilly as the Blues Explosion[34] with Judah, Russell and Jon acting. "The singer told MTV Online: I think that people are really going to be surprised when they see the acting on the part of the Blues Explosion. When people get a load of some of the heavy, dramatic, really very intense scenes that we pulled out from our souls, I think people are really going to be blown away.".[35]

Throughout the life of the band the use of the word "blues" in the band name has caused a great deal of debate. The lyrics of Talk About The Blues address this issue referring directly to MTV and Rolling Stone magazine and features the line "I do not play no blues, I play rock 'n' roll" (which itself was a reference to the Mississippi Fred McDowell album I Do Not Play No Rock 'n' Roll).

"Talk About The Blues" was a reaction a Rolling Stone review of Now I Got Worry and Q&A with Jon Spencer.[36]

"I wrote the song right after we did the interview, inspired by that and also some of the criticism we’ve received over the past couple years. If we tried to record some song that was a response to criticism as it happened, that would be too heavy-handed. The lyrics stayed true to the original off-the-cuff feel, what you call a rant. But it's not such a big deal, you know. A lot of that stuff just doesn't merit a response." [36]

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