Thursday, December 22, 2011

[219] Guanica Restoration Project

I passed by the dry forest yesterday after my weekly Yauco meeting.  Since I was late I could not stay.  However I just had to give more details on the hydraulics of the valley and how bad decisions in the past regarding the maintenance of the Coffee Industry has caused excessive erosion that were not impacting the coral reefs of the Guanica Bay.
The ex was there last weekend.  Guanica is a town with history and the UNESCO certified dry forest, a natural wonder of the world.  So my interest on visiting the valley for photo documenting the trails.  Winter is the season there is a large migration of birds and the forest is in its wettest period of the year.
I wont be able to visit soon, although it is scheduled, so instead I present some scientific studies on the area, in hope that you rediscover this incredible natural wonder.
First, the bad decisions regarding Laguna Cartagena, in the Valley of Lajas, another must see area on this piece of land I love so much.
Summary:  Eutrophication, reduced volume of water accumulated have caused accumulation of phosphorus and sulfur.  Promoting toxic conditions.  Solution: rehabilitate the area to receive fresh water and accumulate.  Create a peat industry to use the rotting biomass as compost.

Then, a small poster presented on the restoration of the Guanica Bay by adopting the watershed and rehabilitation of the Guanica Lagoon as an effort to reduce nutrient migrations to the Guanica Bay.

By the way, I don't work for CSA or Gregory Morris.  I just love their restoration projects.
The firm worked with the planning and design of the restoration of the Guánica Lagoon. GME was contracted to conduct a hydrologic and hydraulic study of the lagoon and, in 1999, they published Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis: “Guánica Lagoon Restoration Impacts on Regulatory Flood Levels” and “Guánica Lagoon Hydrology & Restoration Alternatives” as a result of those studies. In these studies, GME evaluated three alternative scenarios for the restoration of the Guánica Lagoon.

Another study on the Guanica Bay mechanics.  May be a bit too technical but has impressive pictures on the problem areas of the watershed:

In other shallower issues.  She stayed in Copamarina...
All through the summertime months highs here in Guanica can get into the 90's with overnight lows in the 60's. Make sure to bring sun cover protection as the sun can be brutal in your skin.

If you are hiking, even though some trails have tall trees and shadow, you should use protection from the sun, have enough water, and watch for the first sights of dehydration.

UNESCO’s list of Biosphere Reserves the dry forest has 48 rare tree species and is an excellent place for Gilligan's Island Guanicabird watching and hiking. It comprises coastal areas with several mangrove cays as well as subtropical dry forest.

The main reason to visit Guanica, Puerto Rico is the beaches. From the Balneario Caña (cania) Gorda, Ballena beach, Manglillos beach, Tamarindo Beach, Playa Santa beach, and Gilligan's Island (Cayo Caña Gorda), Guanica offers the best in beaches for the family.

At Balneario Caña Gorda the gentle water at this beach washes onto a wide swath of sand fringed with palm trees. It is one of the favorite beaches among locals.

The beach comprises of picnic tables, restrooms, showers, and changing facilities. In Caña Gorda go exploring the many small bays and coves common in the area. These are uninhabited and they invite the imagination to run wild as Playa Santa Beach - Guanicayou discover crannies and nooks.

If a peaceful lifestyle lived on the sandy shores of a beautiful blue sea teaming with all sorts of colorful marine
life appeals to you, then you might find that Caña Gorda is the place you'll spend some time in.

I am a rather old fashioned person.  I hate luxury in all its forms so I'd prefer the option of staying in a cozy B&B.
Something like Mary Lee's...

Or just going birding...

Something from the DNER...

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