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[257] From the Churn

Un intermedio en lo que puedo escribir de nuevo.  Luego dare detalles.  Tengo ideas a monton, poco tiempo.  Pero basta de quejas.  Algunas curiosidades del baul de backlinks:

[1]  Construyendo laberintos
Me gustaba hacer este tipo de cosa pero con papel cuadriculado.  He andaregueado buscando de estos en las diferentes ciudades que he visitado.  Pero creo que la atraccion hacia ellas viene de la literatura fantastica y peliculas como Labyrinth, the Maze, etc.
Saffron Walden maze festivalThe next three mazes, from Egeskov Castle, Chevening House and Hatfield House, were reproduced on Saffron Walden common as part of their maze festival in 2011.

Egeskov Castle maze

Egeskov Castle mazeThe estate of Egeskov Castle in Denmark contains 4 hedge mazes (see below), of which this one (left, below), the oldest, was created in the 19th century. The maze is formed of high bech hedges. Its design is based on the Hampton Court maze (see above). While you can solve it by keeping one hand on a wall, it is not a branching maze, as there are islands in it. Looking at some possible paths to the centre, I wonder if it is suffering from extra gaps, caused perhaps by beeches dying. The quickest path to the centre (red) doesn't even into into one half of the maze. The green path seems a more sensible second half of the solution.

The photos are taken from Google Maps.
<>Egeskov Castle maze solution
Egeskov Castle mazeEgeskov Castle mazeEgeskov Castle maze

En temas relacionados, para enga/nar al que te roba un mapa:

[2]  Trap Rooms
Resumiendo:  Pase trabajo en levantar un mapa de San Patricio plaza y no quiero que te lo robes.  Como lo protejo...Indroduzco informacion falsa a proposito en el codigo para inducir a error...claro esta...

From the New York Times:
    A number of start-up companies are charting the interiors of shopping malls, convention centers and airports to keep mobile phone users from getting lost as they walk from the food court to the restroom. Some of their maps might even be able to locate cans of sardines in a sprawling grocery store.
Whichever company can upload the most floorplans before everyone else will, presumably, have quite an economic advantage. So how could you protect your proprietary map sets? What if you're the only company in the world with access to maps of a certain convention center or sports stadium or new airport terminal—how could you keep a rival firm from simply jacking your cartography?

[Image: Photo by Laura Pedrick for The New York Times].

Introduce false information, perhaps: trap halls, trap stairs, trap attics, trap rooms. Nothing sinister—you don't want people fleeing toward an emergency stairway that doesn't exist in the event of a real-life fire—but why not an innocent janitorial closet somewhere or a freight elevator that no one could ever access in the first place? Why not a mysterious door to nowhere, or a small room that somehow appears to be within the very room you're standing in?

It seems to be a mapping error—but it's actually there for copyright protection. It's a trap room.

On one level, I'm reminded of a minor detail from Joe Flood's recent book The Fires, where we read that John O'Hagan, New York City's Fire Commissioner, used to drive around town with blueprints of local buildings stored in the trunk of his car. If there was ever a fire in one of those structures, and his men would have to find their way through smoke-filled, confusing hallways, O'Hagan would have the maps. But is there a kind of Fire Department iPhone app? Could this be downloaded by everyday citizens and used in the event of emergency? What about a Seismic App for earthquake-prone cities like Los Angeles? Going into any building becomes a considerably safer thing to do, as your phone automagically downloads the relevant floorplans. Perhaps buildings known to be fire hazards, or known to be earthquake-unsafe, are somehow red-flagged as a warning before you step inside. (In such a context, the first person to become Mayor on foursquare of every earthquake-unsafe building in Los Angeles wins cult status amongst certain social groups).

[3] Geometry of Pasta
Viejito pero curioso.  Realmente necesito determinar la ecuacion que define mi rottini?

Churn out!!!

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