Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Linky Wednesday

I just did not wish to write a specific subject today, so instead I present some interesting links I've stumbled upon these last few days:

When will Puerto Rican graffiteros get out of the Tagging stage? While I wait for the artistic values of Puerto Rico Graffiti to improve here is a good primer for ideas . . .a lillith or eva-01 billboard in the middle of milla de oro...otherwise, get some artsy ideas on wooster collective, link below:

and then, I love the beatles, but I despise the shameless promotion of the rockband and guitar hero franchises. Then I found these incredible 2 D animations used to promote the game. This is what the Hollywood movie industry needs not more CGI junk...

here is the direct link to the video...

More on the placebo effect, now with HDTV vs regular TV

New research from the Netherlands explores a placebo effect around high-definition TV. Of course, HD does look sharper, but the mind apparently can easily be tricked into thinking that regular TV is HD. From New Scientist (Wikimedia Commons image):
Sixty people in turn were shown the same video clip on the same television. Half were told to expect clearer, sharper pictures thanks to HD technology: an impression backed up by posters, flyers and the presence of an extra-thick cable connected to the screen. The other half were told to expect a normal DVD image.Questionnaires revealed that the people who had been led to expect HD reported seeing higher-quality images. "Participants were unable to discriminate properly between digital and high-definition signals," says Lidwien van de Wijngaert at the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands, who carried out the study with colleagues from Utrecht University...The results of the experiment might have been different had it taken place in North America, though, where conventional television uses the NTSC instead of the PAL technical standard. Picture quality is lower with NTSC, "so the difference compared with HD is much larger than for Europeans", says van de Wijngaert.Think yourself a better picture

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