Saturday, October 17, 2009


This happens when people lose perspective of basic human values. Maybe the woman who wrote the note has exagerated her account of the events but anyway I'd hate to be in such a situation...

TSA agents took my son
posted by cgs at MetaFilter - 3 hours ago
Woman tries to go through metal detector at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson aiport with her infant son, only to have his pacifier set off the alarm. TSA did the only rational thing and took the woman's son

original article

***UPDATE 10/25/09
MY FIRST COMMENT and it was referenced by a bot.
wow, someone actually reads this, even when it is because a bot that read TSA Took My Son, TSA and Security tags sent this link. I feel safer already.
Anyway it is as I said, the account was exagerated, but it is a situation that should not happen in the first place. Some TSA officers in airports are like peasants given a large authority stick and they want to show it.

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Good day. Bob here from the TSA Bog Team.

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