Sunday, March 11, 2012

[248] Beautiful Day Without You

I really had no idea on where to direct this article.  I have 20+ pages of backlinks waiting to be included in many subjects.  But they are just that...raw backlinks.  Worthless without an analysis.  So instead of dumping links on you I will build up on the previous article, where I basically indicate that I used to live in a sick system that I could not break out of...all in the name of love.

And then switch it to the death of Moebius, a sad news I received Saturday morning on my Android...
Moebius has died

Won't add much with the exception that he is my idol and mentor, as is the case of most science fiction artists and conceptual developers.  May he lie in Heaven with other greats such as Frank Franzetta or Jack Kirby...Let others give him reverence:

In case I had not post it before, a tumblr with some of his artwork:
He was in charge of some of the visual effects on the original Tron.  This includes the stunning Solar Glider, one of the best scenes of the original movie.
his webpage:

I'm just imagining how greath would that Dune production had been if the combined work of Moebius, Jodorowsky and HR Giger would have reached the theaters:

or if that Willow production had gotten his way...

Then, wishing they actually made that TV series based upon his work on L'Incal:

Pascal Blais- THE INCAL from Pascal Blais Animation Studio on Vimeo.

Previous references to Moebius:
The title references this video by Royksopp:

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