Monday, April 20, 2015

[396] PTSD - Taking Care of Isabella

Isabella was the robotic overlord assigned to my son as a Graduation Requisite for the Health Class.  The robot was assigned during this busy weekend to simulate the experience of managing a newborn baby (via a doll that was definitely in the 4 - 6 months weight and size).  Since this is not logic based the sequences were illogically based on the whims of the computer programmer.

The important feature is that the robot would give 3 - 4 of these sequences at least once between 12-1 am and again between 3-5 am.  Then it would take these 3-4 hour breaks.
I do understand the lesson being taught here.  But my son is on PTSD.  He'd cry when for instance the robotic overlord would make these faint sounds in a room full of people.  My son would do the logic thing.  "PLEASE!!!! CALM DOWN PEOPLE!!! MY BABY IS CRYING AND I CAN'T HEAR"  And would receive the expected result... [NO RESPONSE].
I kindly showed him to keep his cool and find a silent spot.  To not be blinded by his nerves.  But he is 15.  Hard headed.  After going ballistic he would then apologize.
I'm starting to get buged to these graduation requisites.  It is like the Community Service obligations, the obligations of making videos. That time where Mildred and me had to take 1 24 hour course from the Departamento de La Familia called Constructores de Paz.  It was so good that it stopped us from getting divorced two years later (not).  It was good orientation and I have applied the material on other things related to the youth groups and others I have been working on.
But anyway, this type of course is really needed.  Even more than the darned Perspectiva de enero that the gay community keeps imposing on the rest of the human race. I'd also wish that they would provide shop and domestic economy to all regardless of gender.
Closing for now with some pictures of things I have been doing with William.

[1] Test Drive for the Drawing to be Used for his Confirmation. Still has some more painting pending but it is done.
 [2] Have been thinking on concept art for the upcoming star wars exhibit in Mondo Bizarro. Several ideas come to mind, but they won't be so large scaled as the one above (heard the limit is 24 inches)...

[3] In other issues. Things remain steady at the house.  Although sometimes (several times per week) I wonder if I did the right choice...Then I look at William's needs and I ignore the thorns.

[4] Penrose Tiling
Have been thinking on that geometric design for the room walls.  Originally we were thinking on Penrose Tiling then opted for something simple we saw on Froyo World Hato Rey.

[5] Been busy, thorns and all
I have been very busy from work.  Last week I was exploring a site counting trees for a mitigation project.  The arborist did the work, I think all I did was carry all the thorns and seeds on my clothes while I escorted him on the site.
Churn out.

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